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About Sloan International

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Sloan International’s approach to developing strategic thinking is guided by Dr. Julia Sloan, a globally recognized thought leader on the subject and author of Learning to Think Strategically, 5th edition (Routledge). Our learning labs provide leaders at all levels with the frameworks and practice needed to become a strategic thinker.

These unconventional research-based methods are content-rich and cutting-edge. They offer a thorough grounding in what strategic thinking is and why it’s more important now than ever before. The methods are easily transferable across cultures and industry sectors. They are experiential, based on an innovative interdisciplinary approach drawn from cognitive theory and leadership principles.

Sloan International has led consultations with leading corporations, non-profits, and the United Nations Secretariat and UN Peacekeeping Operations in more than 30 field missions, the UN Logistics Base, UN Staff College, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

About Dr. Julia Sloan

Founder and Principal of Sloan International, LLC

A leading authority on the cognitive aspect of strategic thinking, Julia is widely recognized for her pioneering work on the application of complex cognitive theory to everyday global strategy practice.

She is the author of the definitive book, Learning to Think Strategically, 5th ed., (Routledge, 2024), awarded Best Business Book of the Year by the Financial Times.

A Fulbright Fellow and the recipient of a Researcher-in-Residence fellowship, Julia teaches strategic thinking at Columbia University (New York). She has also taught at the Brookings Institute and the Mohammad bin Rashid School of Government (Dubai). She has also guest lectured at MIT and Harvard University (US), Keio University (Japan), London School of Economics (UK), King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), Central University of Finance and Economics (China), the National University of Singapore (Singapore), and the India Institute of Management (India), and Universidad Cristóbal Colón (Mexico).