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How can we help you to master strategic thinking?

Our Learning Labs will guide you on the journey of discovery

3-Day Lab: A Strategic Thinking Confab

This lab is intended for mid-career leaders who are responsible for a business strategy. It offers an enriching experience for those who are forward-thinking, open-minded, and committed to a comprehensive experience around learning to think strategically.

In-depth, experiential, and enriching—this 3-day learning lab sparks meaningful growth. Leaders who are committed to learning to think strategically will gain clarity and capacity to expand their strategy repertoire.

This highly experiential advanced lab uses a cutting-edge methodology and unconventional, research-based content to practice the core elements of strategic thinking. Attention is focused on providing a thorough grounding in what strategic thinking is, a compelling grasp of why it is relevant, and original ways to improve.

In light of the prevailing uncertainty, unpredictability, and highly complex environment in which leaders today are tasked with making strategy, this Mastermind Lab ensures leaders will strengthen their strategic thinking confidence and competence.

2-Day Skills Lab: Learning to Think Strategically

This lab is designed for leaders who are stepping up to a pivotal strategic role and looking to develop their strategic thinking skills.

Experiential and comprehensive, leaders develop an understanding of the key elements of strategic thinking and the confidence and competence to apply them.

This lab challenges the traditional approach to strategic planning by emphasizing how

successful strategists learn to think strategically. Lab participants are challenged to critically assess their own strategy habits and the strategy approaches of their organization. This lab experience provides a grounding in what strategic thinking is, what strategic thinking skills are, and its value to the organization. It provides a broader range of possibilities for those tasked with developing strategy.

1-Day Discovery Lab: Exploring Strategic Thinking

This lab is created for early-career leaders, who may participate in strategy meetings and are interested in creating a baseline foundation of strategic thinking.

This interactive introductory lab focuses on helping new leaders identify how strategic thinking can strengthen their participation in strategy meetings. Emphasizing a non-traditional approach to strategic thinking, this lab provides emerging leaders with a structure for strengthening their strategic thinking capability.

Leaders are invited to practice a set of skills that complement their tactical orientation respective to their own level of strategic responsibilities.